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Serving the Vaping community of the Brazos Valley since 2013


We Specialize in Vaping Technology. We bring the the best in innovation, from the entire world, right here to the Brazos Valley.

Vape Gear

We Focus 98% of our energy on Vape technology. From manufacturers like Geekvape, Smok, Uwell, and Vaporesso. We don’t focus on outdated ideas like Glassware, Grinders and the many older ancillary products that many “Smoke Shops” are known for. It’s why we are called “Tooters Vape Shop”. We intend to keep the focus on Vaping at every location for the sophisticated Vaper.


Our locations are designed to offer customers a comfortable, home-like atmosphere. Comfy couches, snacks and drinks at no cost, and plenty of entertaining conversation. Hang out and study, or delve into vape related Q&A with our well trained customer service professionals. Feel free to hang out with us as long as you like.


Tooters Vape Shop has been active in the Vaping community for over decade. We strive even now, to stay updated on Vaping culture, legislation, and emerging science. Come share your life experience with us, let us know how vaping has helped you, or a friend, or chat with us about anything vape related.  


Because we focus our energy on Vaping technology, we are able to carry wider selections of disposables, premium ejuice mods, tanks, coils and pods than any competitor. We don’t fault them for carrying a wide selection of smoke shop products, but we believe our customers want to focus on the best Vaping options in the world. That’s why you choose Tooters Vape Shop.


A great shop. Staff is very knowledgeable, always smiling, and endlessly enthusiastic. Kelly and Matt go above and beyond to make the experience amazing, and to ensure that you’re always satisfied. Best Shop in town, if not the entire state!

Merrick O’reilly

I get all of my vaping equipment, supplies, and juices from the Bryan location. The Staff is always extremely helpful….

Rob Byroad

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Let us know what we can do to accommodate your needs. We’re happy to help in any way we can, to make sure you have a great experience here with us.

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