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At Tooters, We only care about personal relationships for life.
Our Clients are Amazing. Our Clients are Loyal. Our Clients are friends for life!!

Tooters Hyper-Trust Warranty

Question 1. Did you Purchase your Device, Juice, or any other product or service directly from Tooters Vape Shop?

If not, that’s OK. We will do what it takes to convince you that we are the best, and we want your business for life.
Next time you make a purchase, stick with Tooters Products and we will cover it without hassle.

If yes, Please move on to Question 2.

Question 2. Do you believe, that the product or service was a fair value, and that you received the value you paid for?

If not, we will solve the issue. bring us the device, juice or other product, and be ready to describe the issue. We want to solve your problem, but just as importantly, we want to avoid the hassle to future clients and indeed, for you.  Our clients are the best people on the planet. whatever it takes to keep you Vape-Happy for life, that’s what Tooters Vape Shop can and will do!

If your answer is yes, you received a fair value, but otherwise you are not satisfied, We gotta know why. Be outspoken, let us know. call us. email us. stop by! We cant fix the issue without knowing what it is!

This Warranty is Retro-Active in nature and covers current products and products purchased from Tooters Vape Shop any time in the past.

In Summary:
The world is full of legal ease, complications and aggravations. At Tooters Vape Shop, We love our Clients, We trust our clients, and we want to change the way the world perceives a unsatisfied consumer.

When you purchase from Tooters, feel confident in our commitment to you!


Jeremy A.
Tooters Vape Shop