Some updates to the site. Courtesy of Senate Bill 97

Good or bad, as it may be, the Texas Senate has spoken.

Certain changes must be made to comply with their decision, and we here at Tooters Vape Shop are certainly not afraid of a challenge.

So, what does this mean for you?
We will attempt to simply the long and wordy version of this bill into plain answers that you can use.

1. Sales to minors(under 18) are officially prohibited online or in store. Tooters Vape Shop was doing that, long before it was legal/illegal, by choice. We don’t condone underage vaping….sorry

2. A minor can accompany a parent into the shop, but under 18 are not allowed in the shop alone.

3.The bill is not specific on the issue of    “can i buy this for my son/daughter”    if i choose too.
We at Tooters Vape Shop will leave that decision to the parent.

4. On-line sales to minors are prohibited. Several changes to the online ordering system must be made to be in compliance with the new laws. We have implemented the least invasive options that allow for legal compliance and privacy of our customers. Changes: Your shipping address must match the billing address on your Credit Card used at checkout. Signatures are required on every order. The alternative for us was to keep a hand signed agreement and a copy of your drivers license on file on our servers. We see this as a potential breach to your safety, for us or anyone else, to have these records piled up on our customers.

5. We are not happy about this one, but its now the law. On our checkout page you must enter drivers license number, accurate address, and last four of your social security number. Your age will be verified by a third party service, as per the new law. We have personally vetted this third party service, and feel confident that your information is safe with them. Also, they do not store your information for any amount of time.

6. Tooters Vape Shop is required to issue a list of every online customer to Texas Comptroller once per month. The information we share will be: Name, Address, Email Address as listed in the bill.

7. Taxes for vapor products purchased online are automatically calculated on checkout. These are paid directly to Texas Comptroller monthly.

Thanks to all of our customers. We appreciate you!

Please keep in mind that although strict, these changes are designed to keep kids safe, so try to look at the bright side. We personally feel that these changes are a knee-jerk reaction to something that looks like smoking. You have a voice. You should let Greg Abbott and the world know how vaping has helped you, in a nice way please.

Side-Thought: I read an article just yesterday about how the UK made these same strict rules, because they thought the same thing our senators thought. The issue here is there is an uptick in underage vaping. the problem is that when the UK government saw this, the reacted the same way, with strict rules and bans. Almost immediately the underage “vapers” went back to the tobacco products they were using before the bans and vaping came about. This information is skewed. The total of underage smoking reported either here at home or in the UK was effectively the same in the years  before and after the rise of vaping. The UK government is reversing their decisions, and even considering giving away free e-cigs. Basically, we are not creating new nicotine “addicts”, like they want us and congress to believe. Studies have shown that certain people are predisposed to addiction, and vaping hasn’t changed that, and these knee-jerk reactions wont change that either. What vaping can do, is offer a safer option… consenting adults…

if you wanna read the long version, here it is(beware the Legal-EZ) Senate Bill 97

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