Apple Jacks-ish


Apple Jacks-ish: Apple Jacks for breakfast, or just because…

We welcome you to have your pick of any of our delicious E liquid flavors, you might just find your new daily vape. Tooters Vape Shop Premium Ejuice is made with the best quality bases and flavors available in the U.S. Our juice is made fresh to order and is served in glass bottles with a glass pipette for easy dripping. We guarantee timely shipping anywhere in the US.  Tooters Vape Shop is very excited to offer this line of Premium E liquids.

Available Sizes: 15ML, 30 ML, 60ML, 120 ML

Nicotine Levels: From 0 mg to 30 mg

Easy Ordering, Quick Shipping, Great Prices, Amazing Juice.



The flavorful liquids that we vaporize to create the unique experience of vaping are often called e-juice, e-liquid, or as we like to call it TooTer Juice. At TooTer’s Vape Shop we are determined to offer the best selection of premium E Liquids. We have flavors ranging from the sweetest of sweets to bold rich tobacco blends. Whether you like dessert flavors or you are a fan of earthy tones and robust coffee, TooTers has a juice for you. The E-Liquid bursts with flavor as you vape and we strive to create top of the line flavors to meet each persons needs whether it be a hearty tobacco flavor, bold coffee or something fruity. Tooters Vape Shop Premium Ejuice is blended with top quality base products all originating in the United States. TooTer’s Vape Shop is located in College Station, Texas and is known for its great customer service, excellent selection of products, and their hand made premium juices with outstanding flavor.