Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble Ejuice

30 ml for $10.00 !
(limit 5)

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We are very grateful to our customers both old and new for supporting Tooters Vape Shop at the Retail Location and Online. They have helped create a local presence and now a global presence as well. We have customers from all around Texas and yes, global support as well. We have even shipped to Antarctica!!

We cannot stress enough how important the customer is in the fight to bring down prices and bring up quality.
Big Tobacco Companies have attacked Tooters Online several times already, that tells us that we are on the right track.

We want all smokers to have a safer option than tobacco cigarettes, and we support any humans right to a healthier option and a better life.

Please join the fight – for yourself – for your family – for everyone!

Welcome to Tooters!

p.s. We are adding new products hourly and daily. If you want it, we probably have it at the store.

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  1. Do you send out tracking numbers with receipt of purchase so we can track our package? Reason I asked is I didn’t get one and can’t seem to find one but it seems like I got one on my last order.

    1. Post

      Hey Tommy,
      We generally send a tracking number for the package when the order is packed for shipment.
      From there it goes straight into the mail.
      Some orders over the weekend might take a day or so to get tracking numbers but usually
      within a couple hours of the order, we will email a tracking number.
      In our case its not an automated process. thanks!

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